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Welcome to the Bonus Content page!

This is where you'll find extras, out-takes and bonus scenes just for newsletter subscribers. Please don't share outside the page.

Make Up Sex—An Alpha Tau Pledge Project Short

make up sex cover.jpg

Romancing Dalton Beauregard—An Alpha Tau story 

 AKA Five times Marty tried to romance Dalton and failed, and the one time he nailed it.

                                                        A 10K Novella 


Bro Jobs—An Alpha Tau Story

A 15K novella featuring Scout and Trey.

bro jobs.png

The Play's the Thing— A Red Heir Short Story


Loth and Quinn in love, with unnecessary commentary by Calarian

cartoon red heir.JPG

AKA when your cover artist sends you her bts sketches for Red Heir.

Anything at All—A Star-crossed Short story


This is a short that's not from one of my books, but one that belongs to my partner in crime, Lisa Henry. I fell in love with Ben and Marco from Because of Ben, and wrote this short as a birthday gift for her—but she's given permission for me to share it here as well!

The Other Foot—A King's Delight short.

    Felix slipped out the side gate of the castle, across the courtyard, and down toward the stables. He ducked from shadow to shadow, body pressed against the stone walls. The breeze whispered against his skin, and he paused to roll his neck in an effort to relieve the stiffness that he was carrying from spending most of the day standing like a statue as the royal tailor fussed about, measuring him for a wardrobe that he still wasn’t sure he needed.  

      He’d thought that the tailor was the end of it, but no. Then Leo had dragged him to the treasury, and he’d had to choose a coronet from among the crown jewels, since he’d refused to let Leo have one made.

     Felix wasn’t convinced he needed a coronet at all, but Leo had insisted. He’d declared that as Prince Consort, Felix would have official duties that required him bedecked in full royal regalia. 

     They’d managed to agree on a gold circlet set with rubies, and while it would never be comfortable to wear, Felix had to admit that the proud, pleased smile on Leo’s face when he’d settled Felix’s choice on his head had almost made the experience worth it—that, and the whispered promise of a blowjob later. 

     For now,  Felix was ready to shed the tension of the day, and what better way than by going riding? 

     Of course, he should have had a guard with him, but it wasn’t like he was going far—and besides, he’d had enough people calling him ‘sire’ today. So instead, here he was, sneaking off to the stables in the hope that Mother Jones would turn a blind eye.

     The irony wasn’t lost on him. 

     He walked quickly across the stableyard, footsteps light and silent, opened the stable door and stepped inside. 

     “Afternoon, Your Highness,” Mother Jones said from where he stood leaning against Shadow’s stall, rubbing an apple on his shirt. 

     Felix stopped short. He’d expected the stalls to be empty—that’s why he’d waited to come down.  “You can call me Felix, Mother. And I thought you’d be in the main stables?”

     “Aye, sire. I would be normally, but I received a message from His Majesty that you’d be wanting to take Shadow out.” He gave a nod at the horse.

      Felix saw that Shadow was saddled and ready to go and his mood brightened. Leo clearly understood his need for some time alone. He really did have the best husband.

      “Oh, well I’ll be off then. I shouldn’t be longer than an hour.” He took a step forward, only to find Mother blocking his path, arms folded over his chest. 

     “Apologies, sire. But you’ll have to wait for your bodyguard. You’re royalty now.”

      Felix got a sudden, sinking feeling. “I really don’t need a—”

      “His Majesty said you’d say that, sire. He also said it’s not up for debate, and as king, his word is law.” Mother took a bite of his apple.

      “That’s—this isn’t fair! I just wanted some time alone, and if I take someone with me I won’t get that.”

      Mother swallowed before replying. “How terrible for you, sire. Imagine having a husband who dares to care about keeping you safe. His majesty is a monster.”

     That gave Felix pause. 

     “Maybe not a monster,” he said. “Maybe just…overprotective.” 

     “Impeding your right to go and get yourself thrown off a horse or kidnapped…again,” Mother continued blithely, a gleam in his eye, and that was when Felix knew that this was an argument he wasn’t going to win.  

       He let out a frustrated huff. “Fine. I suppose I can wait for a guard.”

      Mother nodded. “Very wise of you, sire.”

     “Stop calling me sire.”

    “No, sire. And sire? There’s one other thing.”


     “His Majesty asked me to pass on a message. He said, ‘Ask Felix how he likes it when the royal riding boot’s on the other foot.’” Mother grinned, obviously enjoying himself, and took another bite of his apple.

     Felix sighed.

     He really did have the worst husband.

A Hell of A View—A Contractually Yours short story

A short, steamy glimpse of Nate and Cooper giving those 'werewolf-rated' glass doors a workout under a full moon.

hell of a view cover.jpg
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