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The Bad Boyfriends are back, and they're sporting a brand new look!

Out July 29
Awfully Ambrose


Bad Boyfriends, Inc—When you can’t find a good boyfriend, why not date a bad one instead?

Ambrose Newman is a bad boyfriend. Professionally. If someone’s parents don’t approve of that long-haired unemployed bass player they want to date, that’s where Ambrose comes in. For a few hundred dollars a night, he’ll go to dinner with a client and their parents and show them that the grass is definitely not greener on his side of the fence. It’s dead. When Ambrose brings a date to a fancy restaurant, it isn’t sparks that fly—it’s glassware.

After his last boyfriend turned out to be a cheat, Liam Connelly has no interest in dating again, but his parents are determined to see him paired off. When they come to visit, he hires Ambrose to act as his boyfriend. If Ambrose can be a bad boyfriend, he can be a tolerable one too, right? But Ambrose plays the part too well and scores an invitation to spend the Easter weekend with the Connolly family at their winery, and Liam finds himself developing real affection for his fake boyfriend.

But does Ambrose return those feelings, or is it all an act?

This is a new edition of a previously published book. There have been minor changes only.

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Out September 1          The Amazing Alpha Tau Reunion Project

reunion cover_edited.jpg

Catch up with the bros from Alpha Tau with this anthology of the bonus short stories.
It contains Bro Jobs, Romancing Dalton Beauregard, Make Up Sex, Pinch Hitter, and the previously unpublished Reunion.

The Amazing Alpha Tau Reunion Project is a collection of lighthearted contemporary m/m romances containing a group of former frat boys navigating adult life, a wedding, and at least a couple of surprises. Or something.

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